Their songs remind me of Love at “BIDO LITO’S” in 1966..’, JOHNNY ECHOLS (LOVE) on ‘Deadrooms & Butterfly Dreams

2014: Dead Rooms and Butterfly Dreams

The songs written in the aftermath of ‘The Magic Optician’ grace the new album ‘Deadrooms & Butterfly Dreams’. They belong to the same world as ‘The Magic Optician’ but are darker, more psychedelic visions of the Now. 11 tales from Drew and Mark take you on a journey through the aftermath of the original line up’s disintegration. These tracks are enhanced by the addition of a track penned by new member Allan McGarry – later chosen as the first single release from ‘Deadrooms & Butterfly Dreams’. Veering between epic tales (Bruisy Bedlock, Golden Greeter, Penny Pinching Debt Collector), psychedelic pop (Ken’s Sad Vice, Cobbler Clarence, Park Day) and dark (Camera Assassin) the album continues the journey from where ‘The Magic Optician’ left us.

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2007: The Magic Optician

The Fast Camels are unapologetically rooted in the feakbeat of 60′s pysch-beat. This sun-blistered, psychedelic brand of 60s power pop and freakbeat is on the road to gain converts all over the UK and you can hear it now. “Like a Magic Optician” is a fine Syd Barrett styled single that is a real joy to listen to. “The Hump” jams with awesome twang and Drew Sturgeon’s breathy vocals that recall Donovan. The “Comforting Things” and “The 2 Day Week” has a lighter Eric Burdon & The Animals feel to it. “Can you see me?” is a great driving jangle guitar fueled song that recalls The Byrds.

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