Their songs remind me of Love at “BIDO LITO’S” in 1966..’, JOHNNY ECHOLS (LOVE) on ‘Deadrooms & Butterfly Dreams

Simon L Clasper (a new fan of the band) 05/05/14: From the opening chords of Bruisy Bedlock all the way through to Camera Assassin the listener is taken right back to the obvious influences of 60’s bands such as The Beatles, The Who and The Kinks with a rollercoaster of catchy songs that keep your feet tapping. More modern sounds such as the Inspiral Carpets and The Verve have also influenced the writers here and mixed with the older sounds have produced a fabulous second album for this local Scottish band. Ken Sad Vice adds a more alternative tune to other tracks and proves the songwriters have got every song spot on. All in all a great album that I certainly enjoyed listening to and one that will go down well with all age groups.